D49 Public Charter School | Located in Forest Meadows

Character Development is a priority at GPA

7036 Cowpoke Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80908

School Hours

8am - 4pm

Summer Hours

Mon - Fri 8am - 12pm


Lunch Times

Kinder – starts at 10:50

1st starts at 11:05

2nd starts at 11:15

3rd starts at 11:25

4th starts at 11:40

5th starts at 12:00

6th starts at 12:25

7th/8th starts at 12:30

PowerSchool Parent Portal

PowerSchool is Grand Peak Academy’s web-based tool providing real-time insights on student grades, schedules, performance, and attendance.

Before you can access your student information, you must create a new parent account (existing IC accounts will not work in PowerSchool). You need to have at least one student Access ID and Password to create an account. If you have not already created your PowerSchool account, you can contact our Registrar, Marcia Billingsley at marcia.billingsley@grandpeakacademy.org

Once you have created your PowerSchool account, you can also download the PowerSchool mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices; use the District code: QGGB.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

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Student Fees:

*Typically paid on Back to School Night; due no later than the end of the 1st month of school

Elementary (K-5): $65

Middle School (6-8): $56

School Supplies:

Let EduKit do the school supply shopping for you!


Edukit Flyer

Student Assessments


GPA uses a variety of assessments that allows teachers to tailor and customize instruction for each student.  Different types of assessment serve different goals in the educational process.

State and federal law require district students to take standardized assessments in the instructional areas of English language arts, math and science.  State law requires students to also take standardized assessment in the instructional area of social studies. The district administers standardized assessments in accordance to these state and federal requirements.

GPA uses these assessments and others to determine the level of achievement and growth of our students, ensure appropriate instruction and resources for students, evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction and leadership, and determine the performance level of students, schools, and the district.



Benchmark and interim assessments are given periodically throughout the year and happen “in the middle learning”.  Some interim assessments that may be used at GPA include but are not limited to:  Acadience Reading, Acadience Math, Star 360, and Aimsweb Plus.

More frequent and informal assessments for District 49 include: progress monitoring, class assignments and teacher-made assessments. Assessment happens all day, every day in instruction through things like questioning, checks for understanding, exit tickets and quizzes.

State assessments are an example of summative assessments.  Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) is the state assessment system required of students in public schools.  Students take state assessments based on grade level and need.  As testing approaches, schools communicate testing schedules with families.

CMAS:  English Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies and CoAlt:  Science & Social Studies
The CMAS test measures the Colorado Academic Standards in the content areas of reading and writing, science and social studies.  A small number of students with significant cognitive disabilities who meet specific criteria may demonstrate their content knowledge on the Colorado Alternate Assessment, CoAlt.  Schools taking the social studies assessment will be selected by the state through a sampling process and will only take social studies every three years.

CMAS assessments measure students’ acquisition of the standards.  Colorado educators set cut scores for each test based on the specific content that students should be able to engage with at the four performance levels.  Students scoring in the met and exceeded levels are on track for career and college readiness.

Students who take CoAlt for science and social studies also take DLM to assess their achievement on the extended evidence outcomes of the Colorado Academic Standards in English language art and mathematics.

ACCESS:  English Language Proficiency
ACCESS annually measures the attainment of English proficiency by English language learners in the areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing.


State assessments are used to guide instruction, to place students in classes for the following school year, to determine programming effectiveness and other purposes as well.

A parent/guardian who wishes to exempt his or her child from a particular state assessment or assessments shall make this request in accordance with district policy.

In accordance with state law, the district shall not impose a negative consequence upon a student whose parent/guardian has requested an exemption from a state assessment.

2023-2024 School Assessment Calendar

2023-2024 School Assessment Descriptions

CMAS Opt-Out Form


GPA CMAS Stakeholder Letter

Colorado Safe Schools Act

The Colorado Safe Schools Act was passed in 2000. As part of this Act, there are specific requirements imposed on schools. One requirement is that schools must provide parents the means to access the sex offender registry.

To access this registry, click here:


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