D49 Public Charter School | Located in Forest Meadows

Character Development is a priority at GPA

7036 Cowpoke Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80908

School Hours

8am - 4pm

Summer Hours

Mon - Fri 8am - 12pm

About Us

Grand Peak Academy

Classical Education with a focus on Character Development and Core Virtues

Our Mission & Vision

Our MissionThe mission of the Grand Peak Academy is to develop students of great character, who are culturally aware, accepting of diversity, appreciators of history, arts, mathematics, and sciences, and are prepared to meet the challenges of the world today.   We value parental partnership through direct involvement in classroom and school activities and community stewardship through our support of local charities and hosting of community events. (Anti-Discrimination Statement)

Our VisionWe provide cultural immersion through coherent, cumulative, knowledge-based curriculum by exposing our students to the diversity of the greater world around them.  Our engaging athletics program teaches students how to overcome adversity through teamwork, individual introspection of effort, and develops qualities of leadership and sportsmanship.  Our music and arts program offers students the possibilities to explore their imagination and celebrate the value of creativity and expression. We expect and encourage our parents to volunteer and engage in all areas of their child’s educational career.

Our History


In 2008, Imagine Classical Academy opened it’s doors to the families of D49 and Indigo Ranch.  As a classical education charter, we had a mission to provide a rigorous, content rich education for students from K-8.

Fast forward a few years and wow, have we learned a lot on our journey.  We have enhanced our instructional methods, refined our curriculum, hired some amazing staff and teachers, and grown our school to be one of the great charters in Colorado Springs.

Today, we take the next steps toward providing the best education and experience for our students and families, we move to a bigger, better facility.  We leave behind the Imagine Schools management company and their facility and chart a new course to take control of our future under a new identity, Grand Peak Academy.

The 2019-2020 school year was full of change and surprises for GPA.  We moved to our brand new facility in late October, got all of the students, staff, and families acclimated to the new building and procedures and then in March we transitioned to an e-learning environment due to Covid-19.  Our team did a tremendous job under uncertain circumstances with little time to plan.  We ended the school year with many successes and learning opportunities that are driving our team over the summer.  We are beyond excited to see all the students in the fall and we are prepared to provide a stellar education, whether in-person, or remotely with e-learning tools.

  • Middle School Sports
  • Updated Dress Code
  • Spanish
  • After School Clubs and Activities
  • Core Virtues
  • Core Knowledge Curriculum
  • Brilliant Teaching Staff


Our staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about GPA, enrollment, curriculum, etc.

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