D49 Public Charter School | Located in Forest Meadows

Character Development is a priority at GPA

7036 Cowpoke Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80908

School Hours

7:30am - 4pm

Summer Hours

Mon - Fri 7:30am - 12pm

Financial Transparency

Grand Peak Academy is committed to remaining a trustworthy recipient of taxpayer investment and we know that financial transparency is paramount. The Business Manager ensures that multiple sources of the school’s financial information are publicly accessible. The links below take you to the pages that contain the relevant information.

Salary Schedule/Policy: Is as follows from the Grand Peak Academy Board Policy Manual

Board Policy 4.14 – Administrative, Professional, and Technical Staff Salary Schedule: Grand Peak Academy shall negotiate administrative, professional, and technical staff salaries on an individual basis, based on the GAP Administration’s discretion.

Grand Peak Academy provides this school site financial data for the Colorado Department of Education, which in turn compiles a financial data dashboard for comparing school sites across the state. Each school in District 49 is required to provide revenue and expenditure data for statewide reports. The reporting file’s content, format (Microsoft Excel), and naming convention (district code and fiscal year, followed by “website_view”) are coded for statewide use. If you have any questions about this data or want to request it in another file format, contact the GPA Business Manager at 719.495.7360.


Public schools receive funding from a variety of sources in Colorado. However, most revenues to the state’s 178 school districts are provided through the Public School Finance Act of 1994 (as amended). Moneys provided via the Public School Finance Act are available to each school district to fund the costs of providing public education. Find more information at the Colorado Department of Education School Finance Division. For more information about Grand Peak Academy finances, download and view our financial reports and documentation.

Grand Peak Academy

7036 Cowpoke Road

Colorado Springs, CO  80908



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