D49 Public Charter School | Located in Forest Meadows

Character Development is a priority at GPA

7036 Cowpoke Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80908

School Hours

8am - 4pm

Summer Hours

Mon - Fri 8am - 12pm

Grand Peak Academy 2022 Wellness Success Story

Lots of great things have happened and continue to happen at GPA as we work on our health and wellness as a community. 

This year GPA was able to purchase a new piece of portable playground equipment called ¨9 Square in the Air.” It is billed as, ¨The best group game to build community.¨ It is portable and can be set up both indoors and outdoors. It is available for use at lunch recesses along with our permanent playground equipment. Pictures of it are coming soon.

As a charter school, GPA staff has been able to participate with District 49 in the ¨Feel Like a Million¨ challenge. Our staff is participating in the district wide event to encourage healthy personal habits. 

Our K-5th grade students continue to have two, twenty-minute recesses each day so they have the opportunity to run around and get fresh air. Our middle school students get one twenty minute recess as well.  

Our on-site counselor schedules regular lunch meetings with students and makes time to follow up and check in with students needing to talk.

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